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Our former member of the PYN Secretariat, Dorotea Strelec, graciously shared insights into the intricate structure of PYN, along with her reviews and impressions. Reflecting on her experiences, she extended warm wishes to PYN on its 10th birthday celebration today. Could you tell us more about the PYN General Assembly?

Interview with Valentina Orbanić, president of the Istrian Democratic Youth, who strongly believes that active involvement in politics could be a catalyst for the transformation she envisiones

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Dear readers, we are excited to share with you another insightful conversation with a passionate young leader shaping the future of our region. It is our pleasure to present to you Valentina Orbanić, the President of the Istrian Democratic Youth. 1. Dear Valentina, please introduce yourself to our readers! Hello, I’m

Interview with Mihael Leskovar, interim president of HNS – LD Youth, highlighting the importance of patience and persistence in politics for effecting change

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Dear Readers, we are delighted to continue our series of enlightening conversations with emerging young leaders from across the region. Today, it’s our pleasure to introduce you to Mihael Leskovar, the interim president of HNS Youth. 1.Dear Mihael, please introduce yourself to our readers! My name is Mihael Leskovar. I