Western Balkans in time of COVID-19

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On Friday, 10 July 2020 a regional webinar titled Western Balkans in Time of COVID-19 was held via the ZOOM platform. The topic of the seminar was twofold: human rights and fake news. During this two hour long webinar our speaker Branka Vierda shared her thoughts and knowledge on the topic of human rights violations regarding freedom of movement, right to vote and privacy all in the scope of the elections that were happening or were about to happen in the Balkans. The second speaker was Sanja Despot, a journalist from Faktograf, Croatia. Faktograf is the only media platform in Croatia which deals with fake news by debunking it. Sanja explained to the participants how do fake news originate, how to detect it and who decides what is to become fake news.After both speakers concluded their presentations, a Q&A followed.

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