Round Table on Youth Mobility in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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In the scope of Political Youth Network activities Youth Initiative for Human Rights- Bosnia and Herzegovina organized “Round Table on Youth mobility in Bosnia and Herzegovina” in Sarajevo on 2nd July 2019. Program aimed to favor larger debate and deepen the knowledge of young political leaders on major challenges for Bosnia and Herzegovina, such as youth future and mobility.

Young political leaders had the opportunity to grasp the broad picture of Bosnian mobility and to share their opinion on the topic. Round table consisted of a discussion with national and international stakeholders regarding the youth mobility, including members of parliaments of Bosnia and Herzegovina, municipality representatives, EU officers and professors. The aim of this round table was to gather young political leaders from Bosnia and Herzegovina of various ideological backgrounds to discuss and share their experiences on the aforementioned topics.

Members from following parties participated: Platform for Progress, People and Justice, Alliance of Independent Social Democrats, Party of Democratic Progress, Social Democratic Party, Party of Democratic Action, Croatian Democratic Union 1990 and Alliance for Better Future.

Young politicians were encouraged to use this opportunity to speak, discuss and ask relevant national and international stakeholders and civil society representatives on their opinions, as well as to build their own capacities on this topic.

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