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In the period 5-8 August 2019 a PYN regional conference was held in Prizren, Kosovo. During a three-day conference 30 participants had the opportunity to learn and gain a deeper understanding on the theme of political communication.

The political communications workshop was split into several thematic parts on the first day. The facilitator began with a general introduction and opening discussion session. Program continued with the main thematic sessions of the first day. After the facilitator set forth the opening remarks on the topic, discussion followed. The focal points of the discussion included:understanding social cleavages, motivations and values; identity and class dynamics; deconstructing cultural and historical frames; the role of the political economy; getting away from bubbles; audience research methods. This was then followed by a session on constructing effective narratives and a session on dissemination techniques and channels. All three sessions included short-videos, interactive lectures/discussions with the facilitator and active engagement by workshop participants through individual exercises. The last activity organized for the first day of the program was reserved for the Dokufest, a documentary film festival in Prizren. Participants attended the screening of the movie Advocate which deals with the topic of human rights defenders and human rights in general.

The second day of the program started with a group work session on a political communications strategy based on scenarios pre-designed by the facilitator. Participants were divided into two groups with each of the group assigned with different scenario based on the everyday politics in the region. Participants were asked to apply theoretical knowledge acquired during the first day of the conference in order to resolve fictional problems stated in their scenarios. The groups presented their strategies, which was followed by closing remarks and discussion. 

The last activity of the regional conference in Prizren included attending the panel discussion organized in the scope of Dokufest film festival which dealt with the topic of youth activism and the importance of youth involvement in the decision making process. PYN participants actively participated in the discussion by asking the questions and sharing their experiences and advice with fellow young activists.

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