REGIONAL CONFERENCE: Human Rights and Regional Politics

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In the period of 29 May- 1 June, 2019 Youth Initiative for Human Rights organizes Regional Conference of Political Youth Network. The conference will bring together politically active young individuals from the region to map and deepen their understanding on protection and promotion of human rights.

The conference will include lectures and workshops with the topics concerning human rights and transitional justice, as well as study visits to different institutions and organizations in Belgrade.

The Political Youth Network (PYN) is an international network of youth organizations operating as a part of, or as a subsidiary organization of political parties from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia that was established at the Founding Conference in Zagreb in 2014.

Political Youth Network’s aim is to support young people’s participation in democratic practices through decision-making processes, both in their political parties and in social and political life in general. Network is offering tools and resources designed to support politically active youth to undertake activities that advance democracy and human rights in their respective parties, countries and throughout the region. PYN’s intention is to encourage young people to take concrete actions through their own political organizations in terms of legal, policy and social norm changes for improvement of democratic and human rights standards.

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