PYN REGIONAL WEBINAR: Political Campaigns on Social Media

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On Thursday, 29 October 2020 a regional webinar titled Political Campaigns on Social Media was held via the ZOOM platform. This webinar was conducted by Gordan Turković.

Gordan is the executive director and co-owner of the CTA communication agency from Zagreb, Croatia, and has worked as a communication advisor, with many years of experience in strategic consulting, crisis communication and political marketing. He has also advised political candidates throughout the region during election campaigns for local elections, parliamentary elections, presidential elections as well as European Parliament elections. In the time between political campaigns he collaborates with clients from different sectors in developing their communication strategies and has been a long-standing communication advisor to several mayors in Croatia. Through his lecture participants had the opportunity to see and learn how political marketing on social networks evolved over the years and how to apply it through practical examples. Gordan also answered the greatest question- how and can we even turn “like” into a voice at a polling station. 17 young politicians from the region participated in this webinar.

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