PYN regional webinar: How to publicly communicate your political success?

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On Thursday 15 December 2022, this year’s last Political Youth Network Webinar was successfully held via the Zoom platform! The title of the webinar was ‘How to publicly communicate your political success’ and it lasted 2 hours (120min). In this online interactive webinar young politicians and politically active youth from Croatia and Montenegro learned ways to establish effective relations with the media, how to better communicate their results with the public and the media, give successful media/press statements and how to write good press releases. Participants also had a chance to improve their public speaking skills through a workshop in which they had 15 minutes to prepare their hypothetical political speeches after winning the local elections in their community and present it in no more than 30 seconds in front of others. Throughout the entire duration of the webinar participants were very active and had lots of questions for the lecturer. Also, they really appreciated the feedback they got after holding their speeches and emphasized how well organized and useful this kind of online event was for them. 

The guest lecturer that held this webinar was Katarina Horvat, communications expert with a lot of experience in holding workshops for politicians as well as employees in the public, private and civil sector, entrepreneur and owner of HORKA communications; public relations and communications company.

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