PYN REGIONAL WEBINAR: Become a better leader- Make an Impact!

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On Wednesday 1 December 2021 Political Youth Network Webinar ‘Become a better leader- make an impact!’ was held! This interactive lecture aimed to make participants aware of the difference between management and leadership. They had a chance to do a lot of small self-reflective exercises to better understand the impact they can have on themselves, others, and the political party they lead. Participants also had the opportunity to hear, discuss and give their examples of the people they perceive as good examples of impactful leaders on the local and global scale. Also, they learned how to use their unique intelligence in the leadership of others. The ones who already had some ideas on how to make an impact got the chance to present them to the rest of the group and hear their feedback.

This interactive lecture lasted 2 hours (120min). The course consisted of a presentation of theoretical knowledge about impactful leadership that was accompanied by various self-reflective tasks and an open discussion among participants. 

The lecturer was Sanja Živković, a specialist in leadership education and development.

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