PYN and human rights

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During the past year PYN members put much of their time, effort and will  both into acquiring new knowledge and skills in the field of human rights and passing them to fellow young politicians in order to help their communities thrive and become more open and inclusive.

In the scope of PYN several trainings in the field of human rights, both on national and regional level, were organized. Participants had the opportunity to engage themselves in the topics such as minority rights, LGBT+ rights, women’s rights, transitional justice as well as human rights defender’s rights. Interactive lectures, workshops, role playing, documentary film screenings, debates and discussions were among a number of methods used when organizing PYN activities. All of these methods proved themselves efficient and suitable when working with members of youth organizations of political parties.

In the following period new activities will be organized, new methods introduced and new PYN members welcomed. PYN is all about growth through education and we look forward to continuing this journey with all of you!

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