Online meeting with the International Secretary of Mladi forum SD, PYN member organization from Slovenia!

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Yesterday we held a meeting with Vid Jereb, International Secretary from the Mladi forum SD, our member organization from Slovenia! The purpose of the meeting was to reestablish contact with the organization’s executive team, learn more about their work and upcoming elections, discuss difficulties affecting young people in Slovenia, and discuss opportunities Political Youth Network provides to its members.

With a particular emphasis on youth organizations from Albania, North Macedonia, and Slovenia, PYN is working to increase the number of member organizations from all Western Balkan nations. The International Secretary offered their assistance in mapping other youth organizations that are working in Slovenia because Mladi forum SD is the sole PYN member organization from Slovenia.

Mladi forum SD agreed to name one young coordinator, a person who has already been an active participant in a number of events we had previously organized, who would serve as a point of contact for all PYN-related activities and ensure that information about the events was communicated to their members.

We have also discussed the possibility of meeting with Mladi Forum SD and other Slovenian youth organizations of political parties in Ljubljana to further discuss how PYN can support politically active youth in the development of their knowledge and abilities in areas such as human rights, advocacy, regional cooperation, reconciliation, transitional justice, etc.

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