Meet the Alumni: Interview with Oliver Gion

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League of Social Democrats of Vojvodina is one of our oldest members. Read our conversation with Oliver!

Hello, Oliver! Please introduce yourself!

My name is Oliver Gion. I am from Novi Sad, Serbia.

I have a masters degree in economics and currently work in the Institute of public health of Vojvodina, in the position of project manager and public procurement officer. As for my interests, I would like to point out discovering new ways for funding projects. I am also interested in history and sport, especially tennis because I play it recreational.

Look back at the start of your political activism. What was your motivation? What was the reason behind your decision to be actively engaged in politics?

My dad was politically active for twenty years. While growing up I learned from him, and through time political activism became more and more interesting for me. I realized that political changes that are being made can positively affect people, especially in an economic way. Also, because this is a topic that is most important to our people after the tough time we went through in past decades and the brain drain that we are constantly facing.

What are the most valuable lessons you learned through political activism? What skills and knowledge did it help you acquire?

The most valuable lesson I learned is that politics is a marathon. Changes made through political action, activism, or decision-making cannot happen overnight even if it may seem like that.

Nowadays we are faced with global challenges that require much solidarity and responsibility. What is your desired vision of the world after the crisis ends? What message do you have for young politically active young people in the region?

There have never been more challenges both in the world and in the region, starting from the COVID-19 pandemic to regional disagreements. My desired vision is that nations start cooperating more among themselves instead of constantly blaming each other. Now and in the future, we as young politically active people need to join forces to overcome problems that we face, since that is the only way to reconcile and make progress.

Why did you decide to join the Political Youth Network? Have you previously had experience in regional cooperation?

My friend and colleague told me about the Political Youth Network. Then I Googled it and found out that it is a very good network because it brings together a lot of political youth from all Western Balkans. Also, it is a platform that helps us make new contacts and above all work on mutual reconciliation of our countries for the future that comes. This is very important because without reconciliation there is no future for any of our countries.

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