Meet the Alumni: Interview with Albert Nađ

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League of Social Democrats of Vojvodina is one of our oldest members. Read our conversation with Albert!

Hello, Albert! Please introduce yourself!

I study at the Faculty of Medicine in Novi Sad. In addition, I am employed as the head of the Municipal Brass Band in Kikinda. 

Look back at the start of your political activism. What was your motivation? What was the reason behind your decision to be actively engaged in politics?

What motivated me to actively engage in politics was the desire for change. I believe politically active people have an opportunity to change the world and make it a better place. Additionally, they have an opportunity to express and share their opinions on different topics and, therefore, see the bigger picture. 

What are the most valuable lessons you learned through political activism? What skills and knowledge did it help you acquire?

Because I was politically active I had an opportunity to attend many courses and seminars. Likewise, through political activism, I obtained valuable insight into the workings of the European Union.

Share with us one memory, anecdote or story from your political experience you cherish the most

My most cherished memory is when I attended a seminar hosted by The Friedrich-Ebert Foundation, where I gained considerable knowledge and skills regarding political activism. 

How would you describe your experience with the Political Youth Network’s activities? What does regional cooperation mean to you?

It is paramount that we, young people, exchange experience and knowledge since it is one of the best ways to improve ourselves.

Nowadays we are faced with global challenges that require much solidarity and responsibility. What is your desired vision of the world after the crisis ends? What message do you have for young politically active young people in the region?

To tell the truth, the world will not be the same after the crisis. The length and scope of this crisis will probably be felt for a long time and the recovery will take time as well. I believe that, when it is all over, we will seriously have to work on solidarity that was often lacking in the most difficult moments of the Pandemic.

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