Meet our new member: Interview with Besnik Bahtiri

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Dear readers, we are closing our series of interviews with new representatives that became part of our expanding Political Youth Network with this last article. Meet Besnik Bahtiri from the New Kosovo Alliance!

Dear Besnik, please introduce yourself!

I am Besnik Bahtiri, chairman of the New Kosovo Youth Alliance, graduated lawyer, political activist for a long time.  

Look back at the start of your political activism. What was your motivation? What was the reason behind your decision to be actively engaged in politics?

My desire and main motive to deal with politics and especially with the activism originates from a very early age, being the son of a former political prisoner and the nephew of a martyr who fell for the freedom of our country. Believing that these ideals should be continued, I consider myself as an inheritor of the right causes for my country.

What are the most valuable lessons you learned through political activism? What skills and knowledge helped you to acquire?

I have learned a lot from political activity, or I can say that I have been shaped by the fact that, as a young person, politics has also influenced my character. What I think is the most important lesson during these years of activity is persistence in challenges and commitment to justice.  

Share with us one memory, anecdote, or story from your political experience that you cherish the most.

Undoubtedly, among the most special memories is my election at the head of the forum, where my responsibilities have changed from activist to leader. Knowing that I have a duty not only to myself but to all the activists, I consider that this is the moment that has changed my perspective on the politics.  

Why did you decide to join the Political Youth Network? Have you previously had experience in regional cooperation? What does regional cooperation mean to you?

We joined PYN because by being part of such networks we help the Euro-Atlantic future of the region and regional cooperation.  

Nowadays we are faced with global challenges that require much solidarity and responsibility. What is your desired vision for the region in the next 10 years? What message do you have for young politically active young people in the region? 

I believe that within 10 years our region will be stable, with the problems of the past solved and with full integration in the EU. Thank you!

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