ACT, BUILD, CHANGE – presentation in Kosovo

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The PYN Secretariat held a presentation of our newest handbook on human rights ACT, BUILD, CHANGE for three political parties –  Vetëvendosje (LVV), Social Democratic Party of Kosovo (PSD) and the Social Democratic Initiative (Nisma Social-Demokrate).

Handbook brings detailed definition, structure and importance of specific branch of human rights; documents regarding international and European system of protection and the end offers some recomendations for young political leaders. Read some of them here.

6.) Members of your political organisations are
encouraged promote dialogue and tolerance, including
sensitization campaigns, among fellow politicians to
address discrimination and exclusion on the basis of
ethnicity, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation and
gender identity.

7.) Your political organisations should remove all
barriers that directly or indirectly discriminate against
the participation of women in respective political

8.) Your political organisations are advised to develop
initiatives that allow women to participate fully in all
internal policy-making structures and appointive and
electoral nominating processes.

9.) Your political organisations are encouraged to
incorporate gender issues in their political agenda,
taking measures to ensure that women can participate in
the leadership of political parties on an equal basis with men.

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