Round table with young political leaders in Serbia

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November 14th 2016

During November 2016. Youth Initiative for Human Rights Serbia and Youth Initiative for Human Rights Kosovo organized a program called Links 2 – Linking Kosovo and Serbia.

Through this program, youngsters from both Kosovo and Serbia had a chance to visit Prishtina and Belgrade, and learn more about problems and political issues that those two societies are currently facing. During their visit to Belgrade and Prishtina, participants were engaged in two round tables with young branches of political parties from Kosovo and Serbia.

Main topic of these two round tables was the role of political parties and youth in negotiations between Kosovo and Serbia. Round table was held in Belgrade on November 14h 2016.

Youth branches representatives who participated were Nikola Rajičić (Socialist Party of Serbia), Marko Čomić (Democratic Party), Ivan Despotović (Liberal Democratic Party) and Luka Božović (Social Democratic Union).

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