Handbook on human rights presented to Croatian party GLAS – Civic Liberal Alliance

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A new PYN handbook on Human Rights – ACT, BUILD, CHANGE – has been presented on May 8 to the representative of Croatian parliamentary party GLAS – Civic Liberal Alliance .

PYN handbook for human rights consists of four chapters regarding minority rights, women’s rights, LGBTI rights and transitional justice. Chapters are divided into three parts that brings you: definition, structure and importance of specific branch of human rights; documents regarding international and European system of protection and possibilities that young people involved in political parties may use to detect violation of human rights in their countries in order to point out violation and relevant legislation which prohibits such a behavior.

The Civic Liberal Alliance (Croatian: Građansko-liberalni savez, abbr. Glas – lit. Voice/Vote) is a liberal political party in Croatia. The party was founded by four former Croatian People’s Party (HNS) MP’s led by Anka Mrak Taritaš who were dissatisfied with HNS entering a coalition with the conservative Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) in June 2017.

Party president Mrak-Taritaš described Glas as “a modern, progressive, trans-ideological party in the left center, acceptable to people who are liberal, social-liberal and social-democratic.” Party’s emphasis will be placed on individual freedoms and rights, stable institutions and diversity as a comparative advantage.

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