Empowerment of Political Youth Training- Kosovo

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On April 23-24 2019 a two-day training titled “Empowerment of Political Youth” was held in Prishtina. 22 young people from 8 political parties in Kosovo participated: AAK (Alliance for Future of Kosovo); AKR (Alliance for New Kosovo); ALTERNATIVA (Alternative); LDK (Democratic League of Kosovo); NISMA (Social- Democratic Initiative); PDK (Democratic Party of Kosovo); PSD (Social-Democratic Party); VETEVENDOSJE (Self-Determination Movement).

Participants were presented with the practices applied by British political parties in empowering youth within their political structures. They were also introduced to the different methods they can combine to develop the skills they need as members of political parties in Kosovo in order for them to be empowered within their parties.  

Healthy discussions among the youth from different political parties were encouraged throughout the training. They were able to identify their common interests, experiences, and shared beliefs beyond the differences. By the end of the training, participants stated that they were more informed about their role in their political parties and felt more prepared to represent their party in different mediums.

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